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NEWS | July 23, 2016

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BTIG Downgrades Facebook; Old Tech Cools Off: Best of Kass

In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass tells us the Nikkei 225 had a great week and how June retail sales in the U.S. exceeded expectations.
7 Seriously Cute Earmuffs to Keep You Warm

These fluffy accessories up your fashion game in a big way -- and they're practical
Emmitt Smith Sees Different Goal Line as Developer And Investor

The NFL Hall of Famer blends development, real estate and retail franchising into his game plan to help struggling cities meet their needs.
20 Structured Handbags We're Drooling Over

Forget boho knapsacks and slouchy shoulder bags. This spring, the It style is much more refined
Amazon Prime Gets Students Discount on Wells Fargo Loans

Amazon teamed with Wells Fargo to offer discounted student loan interest rates for Amazon Prime Student members -- a move seen boosting Prime Student memberships.
Someone Turned 3: New Prince George Photos Released

Prince William and his wife Kate have released new photos of their son, Prince George, to mark his 3rd birthday, the AP reports. The photos distributed Fridayhis birthdayshow George playing on a swing and sitting with the family pet, a dog named Lupo. The four photos were taken...
Comedian Has to Cough Up $42K for Insulting Child With Disabilities

A French-Canadian comedian found a child singer with a genetic disease who's performed for Celine Dion and Pope Benedict to be the perfect butt of his jokesand now the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal is making the funnyman pay some not-so-funny money to both the singer, now 19, and his...
Is High Fat the New Healthy Diet?

40% of your diet should be fat - but only the right fats such as fish and olive oil.
The Rush to Snare an EU Passport in the Season of Divisive Politics

Here's how to get EU citizenship through Ireland, Poland, and Italy.
Roger Ailes Lawsuit and Other Sexual Harassment Cases Spur More Employees to File Claims

Lawsuits filed by high profile victims often spur other workers to file sexual harassment claims against their employers, encouraged by their willingness to step forward.
The real Hamilton: His banking rivalry lives on

This tale has it all: Treachery, hollow tree trunks, bank mergers and a Broadway smash.
Dodge tax by moving rental profit to college fund?

You can't avoid tax on the rental property sale, butother tax benefits may even things out.
Why Qualcomm's 3Q Earnings Blew Away Expectations

Shares of Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) soared more than 7% on Thursday after the chipmaker crushed analysts' expectations on both the top and bottom lines for its third quarter. Non-GAAP revenue rose 3.3% year over year to $6.03 billion, beating expectations by $450 million.
U.S. vs. Eurozone: Comparing Smart Money Moves

Learn about four of the most successful market calls ever made by U.S. and European traders whose predictions triggered huge shareholder and personal gains.
Is This Amber Heard's New Guy?

Has Amber Heard moved on from Johnny Depp to Elon Musk? Sources tell TMZ Heard has known the Tesla inventor for years, but just over the past few months has been hanging out a lot more with him. They're said to have spent time at one another's homes; Heard has...
It Pays to Be a HENRY

Why? Because being a High Earner Not Rich Yet may help you buy the house of your dreams with a lower down payment.
Is This Amber Heard's New Guy?

Has Amber Heard moved on from Johnny Depp to Elon Musk? Sources tell TMZ Heard has known the Tesla inventor for years, but just over the past few months has been hanging out a lot more with him. They're said to have spent time at one another's homes; Heard has...
8 Gear Essentials for Summer Races

Gear for getting to the finish line feeling great
Saving Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Avoid these three mistakes if you want to save more money.
6 ways to squeeze retirement money from your home

Here's how to make your home do double duty as your retirement piggy bank.
Get these 5 gorgeous bathrooms on a budget

Want to renovate your bathroom? Steal ideas (and get cost estimates) from these beauties.
Stress Is Contagious In the Classroom

Teacher burnout is linked to higher levels of stress hormones in their students
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