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NEWS | October 6, 2015

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Test Drive: Inside GM's All-New 2016 Chevy Volt Electric Hybrid

GM's most advanced car ever will hit showrooms at the end of October.
The Trend That Will Make You Ditch Your Winter Neutrals

These bold, colorful hues stole the show on the Golden Globes red carpet
What You Don't Know About Auto Insurance Could Cost You

Thinking that a red car can drive up your insurance rates is wrongheaded, but believing an insurer will cover items stolen from your car is an expensive mistake.
6 Ways to Get the Biggest, Baddest Lashes Ever

Ditch the falsies and get big, bold lashes for real with these nourishing serums, mascaras and creams
Stocks Turn Higher Ahead of Earnings Season Kickoff

Stocks move cautiously higher on Tuesday after Monday's surge as earnings season begins to take focus.
Paul Walker's Teen Daughter Is Suing Porsche

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker's teenage daughter believes her father would still be alive if he had been in a different car on the night of Nov. 30, 2013 , according to a wrongful death lawsuit. Meadow Walker, 16, is suing Porsche, alleging that the Carrera GT his friend Roger...
Caitlyn Jenner Won't Be Charged in Fatal Crash

Caitlyn Jenner won't be going to a men's prison as she feared she might . The Los Angeles district attorney has concluded there isn't enough evidence to charge her with a crime in the February car accident that resulted in the death of a 70-year-old woman. "We are heartened the District...
Credit Card Interest Rates Are Down, Banks Savings Rates Are Up

Credit card and banking customers are seeing decent interest rates - for now.
Road Wage: Take These Key Financial Steps To Buying A New Car This Fall

The new '16 car, truck and SUV auto models are out - are you ready to roll?
10 Hot Luxury Cars With Econobox Mileage

It still isn't easy to find a luxury vehicle that gets more than 25 miles per gallon combined, but Tesla has prodded the competition to adapt quickly.
Ex won't refinance to take my name off house

Court is one way to make your ex-wife take your name off the title, but it might not work.
Can HELOC save couple from debt time bomb?

Facing rising debt payments soon? Here are some options to explore for winning the battle.
Explaining Equated Monthly Installments

An equated monthly installment is a fixed payment a borrower makes to a lender on the same date of each month.
How to Decide Where to Live in Retirement

Here's a guide to help you decide where you want to live after retirement.
Sorry, There Is No Game of Thrones Movie Coming

Bad news, Game of Thrones fans: Rumors of a movie started flying after the UK's Daily Star claimed that series creator George RR Martin, speaking at HBO's Emmys afterparty, revealed that his world would be coming to the big screen. "There will be a movie but I will not be...
6 Reasons Hedge Funds Underperform

Understand the hedge fund industry and why it has grown exponentially since 1995. Learn about the top six reasons why the industry underperforms.
Toddler Missing for 2 Days Found in Field

Little Rainn Peterson was playing with her two siblings at her great-grandparents' home in Ohio Friday night when she went missing. Her family reported her disappearance and a search was startedand on Sunday night, one of the volunteer searchers found the 2-year-old girl in a field about half a...
Video: Home equity rates for Nov. 13, 2014

The average home equity line of credit rate rose this week.
Expensive surprise with reverse mortgage

If you're unhappy with a reverse mortgage, you do have some options and decisions to make.
13 Zinc-Rich Foods

A little bit of zinc does your body plenty of good. These sources of the crucial mineral will help keep your immune system (and much more) in tip-top shape.
How to find the best bank

How do you find the best bank for you? It's all about fees and services.
4 Facts You Never Knew About Your Emotions

Hormones, your diet, even Facebook—they can all toy with your emotions. Take charge and prime yourself for ultimate mental well-being.
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