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NEWS | April 30, 2016

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5 Great Reasons to Boost Your Credit Score

Don't ignore your credit score. You're risking thousands of dollars in doing so, and here's why.
The New Way to Exfoliate: Fizzing Beauty Products

Fizzing face masks and cleansers give you that fresh-faced, who-needs-makeup glow
Millennials Are Accruing Less Debt, Bypassing Homeownership

Gen Y-ers are accumulating less debt than their counterparts did back in 2003 despite being saddled with large amounts of student loans because they are putting off buying homes.
The Jaw-Dropping NYFW Hairstyles We're Recreating ASAP

The inside scoop on the prettiest hairstyles from New York Fashion Week
Uh-Oh -- Investors Should Lower Their Expectations

When it comes to investing, it looks like the party is over.
Prince Checked With Journey Before Releasing 'Purple Rain'

Prince's "Purple Rain" bears enough similarities to Journey's "Faithfully" that quite a few cover version mashups can be found on YouTube. But there was never a legal battle over the songs, because Prince reached out to Journey before releasing "Purple Rain," Journey's Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain tell Billboard . Cain...
Reagan's Daughter Calls Will Ferrell Role 'Heartless'

News that actor Will Ferrell will be playing a dementia-stricken Ronald Reagan in an upcoming comedic film caused an "uproar" this week, per CNN , with critics denouncing the decision to treat Alzheimer's disease as the joke framing the movie. Among the detractors: Reagan's family, including his daughter, Patti Davis, who...
You're Applying for Credit Cards at Exactly the Wrong Time

If you aren't leaving a ton of points and rewards on the table by missing out on credit card offers, you're doing so waiting for those offers to reappear.
Choose the Wrong Credit Rewards Card? You May Have Just Made An $800 Mistake

There's cash on the table with rewards credit cards, but choose wisely.
Why You May Want to Book Your Next Hotel Room Directly

It's war on between hotels and travel agents - and you can be the winner.
6 risky ways to pay off your credit card debt

Paying down credit card balances is tough. You can get in worse trouble doing it these ways.
See the Miami palace LeBron James sold for $13.4M

The NBA superstar scored a $4.4 profit on his waterfront home from his Heat days.
DODBX: Dodge & Cox Balanced Fund Performance Case Study

Explore the returns of the Dodge & Cox Balanced Fund since 2012, as well as the seasonal trading patterns when the fund registers its largest gains and losses.
What Does Ex-Post Mean?

In Latin, the term ex-post means after the fact. Applied to finance and investing, ex-post refers to the analysis and timing of actual returns.
Prince Was Also a Quietly Devout Jehovah's Witness

Prince wrote and sang some pretty dirty lyrics , but in his private life, he was a devout Jehovah's Witness. The Wall Street Journal takes an in-depth look at the little-known religious life of "Brother Prince Rogers Nelson," who attended services at a Kingdom Hall in the Minneapolis suburbs about 15...
Helping Clients Weigh College Financial Aid Offers

Now's the time for reviewing financial aid offers, which can often be confusing. Here are a few tips to help clients make sense of them.
Satanists Reject Ted Cruz Comparison

Likening Ted Cruz to "Lucifer in the flesh" is deeply unfair to the Dark One, according to annoyed Satanists. After John Boehner made the comparison , adding that he had "never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch," the Satanic Temple was quick to distance itself from Cruz, Raw...
I Survived Stage IV Melanoma: How Immunotherapy Saved My Life

When Mary Elizabeth Williams was told she had advanced-stage skin cancer, she opted to join a clinical trial for a new immunotherapy drug combination. Watch the video to hear her story of survival and about the new generation of drugs that saved her life.
City diverts runoff, flooding neighbor's property

Small towns often approve projects without assessing the risks. Here's what you can do.
How a reverse mortgage compares to a HELOC or cash-out mortgage

Seniors looking for income in retirement have severaloptions. Here's a rundown.
Do You Need a Personal Health Coach?

Hiring a personal health coach could change your life. Here's a look at what these trendy providers can—and can't—do for you.
Seller's agent is a bully -- don't give in

A seller's agent throws a hissy fit when there's a hiccup with the buyer's mortgage lender.
10 Myths About Vegetarian Diets, Busted

Before you write off a meatless diet, learn the truth about these common vegetarian myths
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