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NEWS | May 27, 2016

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Stocks Maintain Slight Gains Ahead of Yellen Speech

Stocks hold slight gains as investors look toward a speech from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen Friday afternoon.
Make Your Haircut Last Six Months -- and Still Look Fab

Getting a trim every six weeks is so passé -- and pricey. Whittle your salon visits to twice a year with these pro tips
Want to Flee Donald Trump? Try Buying Citizenship Here

Second passports aren't just for spies and criminals anymore. Civilians around the world are getting in on the global citizenship market.
11 Plus-Size Models That We'd Like to See in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Is it too unrealistic to hope that these realistically sized women could one day walk the runway of the infamous fashion show?
1Q Credit Card Debt Nears Historic $1 Trillion Peak

Total outstanding credit card debt is growing but Brooke McGeehan, a vice president of financial planning at RBC Wealth Management, sees no credit crunch ahead.
What's Behind the Depp-Heard Divorce

What was behind Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce? According to TMZ 's sources, Depp's familyhis two children, his sisters, and his mom, who died just days before Heard filed for divorce despised Heard and believed she treated Depp poorly. After Depp moved his mom into his and Heard's...
Starbucks Barista Majorly Goofs on Helen Hunt's Name

Celebrities they're just like us . Helen Hunt says Starbucks mangled the spelling of her name on her drink order, but the goof was a little more extreme than "Hellen." A confused barista mixed her up with fellow Oscar-winning actress Jodie Fosterand didn't even manage to spell the wrong name...
University of Phoenix Says It Will Drop Arb Clauses in Enrollment Contracts

Critics express cautious optimism about restoration of the right of students to sue their schools.
This Memorial Day, Discounts On Travel And Home Appliances Are Heating Up

Memorial Day shoppers should expect big discounts this weekend, but they have to choose carefully.
Sincerity Should Be at the Heart of Any Graduation Gift

Do you know what to give that new high school or college graduate as a gift? Do you always send a gift? These questions and more answered.
The 3 best accounts to give kids a head start on saving

These key savings vehicles allow parents to safely put away money for their children's future.
National mortgage rates for May 26, 2016

See rates from our survey of CDs, mortgages, home equity products, auto loans and credit cards.
Is My Credit Score Good Enough for a Mortgage?

Your score is critical in determining not only whether you'll secure a loan for a home, but also what interest rate you will be offered.
HP Enterprise Follows Up One Spin Off With Another

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) recently announced that it will spin off its enterprise services unit and merge it with Computer Sciences (NYSE: CSC). It claims that the merger will "create a new $26 billion pure-play in global IT services" and unlock "faster growing, higher-margin, and stronger free cash flow" for HPE.
Cosby Must Stand Trial on Sex Assault Charges

Bill Cosby was ordered Tuesday to stand trial on sexual assault charges after a hearing that hinged on a decade-old police report in which a woman said the comedian gave her three blue pills that put her in a stupor and made her unable to stop his advances. District Judge...
Diamond Hill's Highest Performing Mutual Fund Since Inception (DHROX)

Find out about Diamond Hill Capital Management's best-performing fund, the Research Opportunities Fund, and learn how it has performed since its inception.
Bird Takes Off With Knife From Crime Scene

The CBC describes Canuck as "Vancouver's most notorious crow," and it's not hard to see why: After cops in the Canadian city shot and injured a man who confronted them with a knife on Tuesday, a crow believed to be Canuckbecause of a distinctive red band on its leg...
How to Get Rid of a Muscle Knot

This is the best way to release the tension.
Break up big banks? Here's how consumers would fare

Splitting up big banks is a campaign rallying cry. Here are the pros and cons for consumers.
Study these loan types to pay for school

If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.
8 Gear Essentials for Summer Races

Gear for getting to the finish line feeling great
A better way to buy car rental insurance

Buying a policy through a car rental agency can be costly. Here's a second coverage option.
Teens Who Eat More Saturated Fat May Develop Denser Breasts

Researchers have discovered that different types of fat might play different roles in breast tissue development.   
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