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NEWS | July 26, 2016

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Panera Bread Might Mark the Beginning of the Restaurant Recession

Cramer said the company is just doing "some self help," but other analysts fear a decline for the restaurant industry.
The Real Difference Between Affordable and Expensive Skin Care

Eye creams, face oils, sheet masks, oh my. Here, what to buy when you're feeling thrifty and what's worth spending on when it's time to indulge
Tax Relief Bill in the Works for Student Loan Write-Offs

Senate bill would alter IRS code; income-based and income-driven repayment plans would no longer be taxable.
The Styles, Cuts and Colors You Need for Fall

Looking for a fresh new look? Celebs are here to help. Kick off the new season with one of these on-trend, cool-girl 'dos
Parents to Spend More In-Store Than Online for Back-to-School Needs

The brick-and-mortar stores are still alive this back-to-school season, according to a new survey.
Shannen Doherty Shaves Head in Cancer Fight

Shannen Doherty has taken to Instagram to show her fans a challenging moment: The 45-year-old actress shaved her head amid her fight with breast cancer, reports US Weekly . Doherty reveals the process in a series of photos with her mother, Rosa Elizabeth Doherty, and a friend, Anne Marie Kortright. Here...
Susan Sarandon Looked Absolutely Miserable in Philly

It's no secret that Susan Sarandon, like Sarah Silverman and Rosario Dawson , is one of the Hollywood luminaries who've been stumping for Team Bernie, not Team Hillary. So it wasn't totally surprising the actress was captured on camera Monday night at Philly's Democratic National Convention with a dour expression, shaking...
House Rules: What Employers Expect from Telecommuting Workers

Remote work has gone mainstream across the U.S., but there are rules to abide by and steps both employees and employers must take to maximize the telecommute experience.
Avoid Letting Hackers Win the Gold By Stealing Your Data During the Summer Olympics

The upcoming Olympics pose as an immense opportunity for cyber criminals to deprive consumers of their financial data as enthusiastic fans seek sports scores and updates on their favorite athletes.
Millennial Are Not Averse to Debt When Building Their Business

While studies have shown Millennials to be wary of falling into debt, there appears something that they are willing to fall into the red for -- their own small business.
Listing agent ignores 2 potential buyers. Fire her?

You may have grounds to dismiss her, but some listing agents won't go without a fight.
How to dump private mortgage insurance ASAP

Take these measures to get rid of that pesky private mortgage insurance.
EBITA: Word on the Street

Ben Willis of Princeton Securities tells Cheddar why EBITA is today's Word on the Street.
What Does Comcast Own ? (CMCSA, DWA)

A quick look at businesses owned by of the media and technology company Comcast Corporation.
Comedian Has to Cough Up $42K for Insulting Child With Disabilities

A French-Canadian comedian found a child singer with a genetic disease who's performed for Celine Dion and Pope Benedict to be the perfect butt of his jokesand now the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal is making the funnyman pay some not-so-funny money to both the singer, now 19, and his...
China's High Debt: Bad for Competitive Advantage?

China's economic growth has been decelerating over the past decade and credit continues to expand at a rapid pace, turning the nation from from an economic powerhouse to a potential global risk, some experts say.
Bernie's 5 Best Lines

Bernie Sanders' first appearance before his delegates in Philadelphia early Monday was met with boos as he implored them to vote for Hillary Clinton. At the start of his Monday night speech at the Wells Fargo Center, it took Sanders several minutes to calm down the cheering, chanting crowd. He...
The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

14 healthy food gifts for people who love to cook (or just eat)
You might be surprised to find your car warranty has expired

Your dealership's service department might not be telling the truth about your mileage limits.
Deducting home office for your part-time work in condo

There's a simplified way to deduct office expenses, but it's a complicated decision.
This Is How Tonight’s Rare ‘Strawberry Moon’ Might Affect Your Body

A full moon hasn't risen on the solstice in decades.
How the sun damages your car and what to do about it

Your car is sensitive to sun damage, too. Here's how to protect it.
6 Winter Salad Recipes as Satisfying as Comfort Food

Who doesn't love greens year-round? Try one of these extra-delicious meals in a bowl.
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