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NEWS | June 30, 2016

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5 Stocks Under $10 Set to Soar

These under-$10 stocks look ready to trade higher from current levels.
What's Your Makeup Brush IQ?

Find out if you're a beauty genius or you need to repeat Makeup 101
Toxic Twins: How to Battle Combined Credit Card and Student Loan Debt

Having high student loan debt is bad enough, without adding enormous credit card debt.
The Best Astrological Nail Colors to Land a Date

Uncover the most alluring fall 2015 nail color for your Zodiac sign
Bank of England Hints at Additional Easing Over the Summer

Head of the Bank of England warned that there are limits to what monetary policy can do.
Gaga Just Got Banned in China

You won't be hearing, or likely seeing, Lady Gaga in China anytime soon. After the singer met with the Dalai Lama on Sunday to talk meditation and mental health, the Communist Party's propaganda department ordered her songs banned in China, while state-controlled media were ordered to condemn the meeting, reports...
Billy Joel, Cuomo Launch Motorcycle Ride

New York's governor will ride alongside music icon Billy Joel in a statewide motorcycle ride to raise awareness about breast cancer before signing legislation that expands access to screenings for the disease. Gov. Andrew Cuomo will begin his ride Monday morning at Sunken Meadow Park on Long Island, reports the...
Do Common Bond's Layoffs Herald a Bump in the Road for Student Loan Refi Startups?

While looking to high-end students with pristine credit, the siren call of subprime borrowers may beckon.
Obamacare Repeal: Here's the Most Important Bullet Point in House Republicans' Health Care Plan

High-risk pools are the latest in the long-running game of three-card monte that is a Republican health care plan.
Households Are Spending More, But Making Less

If it seems like you're spending more and have less — it's because that's likely exactly what is happening, as median income has fallen while expenditures have increased.
The 6 home projects that pay off most at resale

You won't find kitchen remodels on the list, but these fixes won't be a waste of money.
6 reasons (5 good, 1 bad) to spend your home equity

There are many reasons to tap home equity, but some of them might not make sense for you.
5G Network: 3 Companies to Invest in Before 2020 (QCOM, NOK)

According to a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, these companies are developing the equipment needed to make the ongoing development of next-generation 5G mobile technology a reality.
Smartphone Markets Are Maturing: Should You Still Own QQQ?

Explore the ramifications of maturing smartphone and PC markets for the PowerShares QQQ ETF, as well as a fund risk greater than Apple's declining revenues.
Jury: Led Zeppelin Didn't Steal 'Stairway to Heaven' Riff

Led Zeppelin was found innocent of stealing the opening riff to "Stairway to Heaven"frankly one of the least scandalous things the band has ever been accused ofThursday in Los Angeles, the Guardian reports. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were sued by the estate of Randy Wolfe, which claimed...
4 Signs You're Headed For Financial Trouble

Financial Trouble? Beware of these signs and follow these tips.
Cops: Mom Nursed Baby 12 Hours After Using Cocaine

An Arizona couple has gone from reporting the news to becoming the news after their 4-month-old baby tested positive for cocaine. Oro Valley police say former Tucson TV reporters Krystin and Somchai Lisaius took their baby to a hospital on May 15 as she was "unable to wake up" and...
Your Ultimate Guide to the 64 Best (and Worst) Holiday Foods

Prevent your pants from getting tighter this holiday season with these smarter food choices.
Mortgage rates dip again, hitting a 3-year low

Remember 2013? That's the last time we saw mortgage rates looking this good.
3 ways to lose a HELOC, keep the house

When a HELOC is secured by your home, one of these options may help you to keep your property.
10 Reasons Your Belly Fat Isn't Going Away

Yes, stomach pudge may be stubborn, but here are a slew of research-proven ways to dump it for good.
Student debt can make it tough to get an FHA mortgage

Deferred student loan debt now counts against you when applying for an FHA loan.
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