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NEWS | July 21, 2017

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Philips Lighting Shares Fall as Sales Miss Offsets Solid Q2 Earnings

Philips needs faster networked home lighting systems growth
10 Surprising Trips to Take with the Kids

Finding an adventure to take with children can be a challenge. Here are 10 trips to give a try.
Caitlyn Jenner Might Run for Senate

From Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner to ... Senator Jenner? The transgender activist said during an interview on New York's AM 970 over the weekend that she's considering a run for the Senate in California, reports the Hill . The former Olympian is a lifelong Republican and supporter of President Trump, which...
'We'll Be Playing Golf Again Soon': OJ Confident This Week

Just like old times: OJ Simpson will be back in a courtroom this week for a televised court ruling that will decide his freedom. This time, Simpson is up for parole for the armed robbery and kidnapping case that has kept him locked up in Nevada since 2008. The hearing...
Trump's Latest 'Buy American, Hire American' Order Is a Big Dud

For all the noise surrounding 'Buy American, Hire American,' the president's newest executive order is an economic Potemkin Village.
The 15 Best Places to Live in the United States

These small- to medium-sized cities are affordable; racially, ethnically, and economically diverse; and conducive to residents' flexibility in choosing a hospital, school, park and manner of commuting.
How Financial Volatility Can Give Good Budgets a Bad Day

We all worry about unexpected expenses. Here are the three biggies that cause the most headaches.
QUIZ: Can You Name These Zoo Animals?

Are red pandas like baby pandas, or...?
W-2 seems wrong. Does my employer owe me money?

Without pay stubs, you still can check the math on your W-2. Here's what you can do.
Tour operators say U.S. to ban citizens from travel to North Korea

SEOUL (Reuters) - Two tourist agencies that operate tours to North Korea said on Friday the U.S. government will soon ban its citizens from traveling to the North.
Quiz: Could You Be A Veterinarian?

How well do you know the different animals we love?
House-rich senior denied credit for home repairs

If you lack funds to repair your home, you still have at least 5 options.
Strong quake off Turkish and Greek coasts kills two, injures scores

By Tuvan Gumrukcu and Renee Maltezou ATHENS/ANKARA (Reuters) - A powerful earthquake killed at least two people and injured scores when it struck near major Turkish and Greek tourist destinations in
FTC probing allegations of Amazon's deceptive discounting

By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As part of its review of Amazon's agreement to buy Whole Foods, the Federal Trade Commission is looking into allegations that Amazon misleads customers about its
Top 4 Alternative Investments to the Stock Market

Trying to avoid your broker? Here are our top alternative investments to the stock market to help you diversify your portfolio without stocks and bonds.
3 Best Coffee Stocks for 2017

Market watchers are predicting a jump in coffee this year. If java's your morning jam, try these top coffee stocks.
Madonna Gets Court Order to Stop 'Outrageous' Auction

Most people would consider love letters, hairbrushes, and underwear to be "highly personal items"and a New York state Supreme Court judge agreed that, in Madonna's case, those items shouldn't be put up for auction, the AP reports. On Tuesday, the pop star received the emergency court order she was...
Health Carrier Stocks Need to Hold These Levels

Health insurance carriers are starting to show technical cracks that could trigger steep declines if the ACA system collapses.
Teens Who Came to US for Robotics Contest Go Missing

Six teenage members of the Burundi robotics team were reported missing after competing in an international competition this week in Washington, the AP reports. Organizers of the competition say the teens may have "self-initiated" their disappearance. The team members' chaperone filed missing-person reports after the teens could not be found...
3 ways to lose a HELOC, keep the house

When a HELOC is secured by your home, one of these options may help you to keep your property.
Home equity loans vs. lines of credit

There are two types of home equity debt. Learn the differences, and why they matter in the long run.
9 saving and investing tips for all ages

No matter what age you are, you should save and invest. These tips are for everyone.
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  • Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau said on Thursday that Justine Damond’s death was “unnecessary” and that it went against her department’s training.

    “Justine didn’t have to die,” Harteau said in her first appearance since the Saturday shooting.

    The police chief had been on vacation when the shooting occurred, but returned to work on Thursday.

    Officer Mohamed Noor allegedly shot Damond near her home after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault.

    Harteau also said that the shooting was “one individual’s actions” and did not reflect on the police department, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

    “Based on the publicly released information from the BCA, this should not have happened,” Harteau said. “On our squad cars, you will find the words, ‘To protect with courage and serve with compassion.’ This did not happen.”

    Harteau addressed doubts that Noor was not prepared to be a police officer, saying the Somali-American “absolutely” performed well during training.

    “This is about an individual officer’s actions. It is not about race or ethnicity,” she said, referring to former U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann’s comments that his hire was due to affirmative action.

    “We have a very robust training and hiring process,” Harteau continued. “This officer completed that training very well, just like every officer. He was very suited to be on the street.”

    She maintained that both officers cameras should have been running, but she did explain the program for the body cameras was only eight months old and that it was “not second nature for officers to put those cameras on yet.”

    The Star-Tribune reports Damond’s fiancé, Don, spoke to Harteau and conveyed his concern that the shooting would make others feel fear about calling police.

    “Although disheartening, I understand the fear and why it exists,” she said. “This has had a negative impact on the community trust we’ve built. Moving forward, we will work toward regaining the trust with everything we do.”

    Harrity, who did not shoot his weapon, was interviewed by BCA, while Noor, who allegedly shot his gun from the driver’s side window of their police car, refused to be interviewed by investigators.

    Harteau expressed her wish for Noor to reconsider his refusal, saying “there are questions that need to be answered and he is the only one that has those answers.”

  • Melanie Brown’s French Bulldog Puppies Allegedly Found After Going Missing
  • Leigh-Allyn Baker's Son Gets 'Frustrated' at School: 'He Tries His Hardest' But It's Exhausting with Dyspraxia
  • Taylor Swift Gets Pre-Trial Victory in Her Legal Battle with DJ Who Allegedly Groped Her
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