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NEWS | November 29, 2015

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Here Are Black Friday's Biggest Winners and Losers

Apple, J.C. Penney and Macy's were clear winners, but Sears and Walmart didn't fare so well.
3 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Urban Decay's New Naked Smoky Palette

Stop everything: A new Naked palette is in town, and it's amazingly versatile. See the smoky eye looks we came up with
What To Do (And What Not to Do) With Your Year-End Bonus

Here's how to wake up on New Year's feeling you did the right thing with your year-end bonus
The Best Boots for Surviving Slush Season

Toss your grungy snow boots and pick up a pair so stylish you'll want to wear them even when there isn't an impending blizzard
6 Big Dividend Stocks Billionaire John Paulson Loves

Here's a closer look at five dividend stocks that Paulson & Co. owned in the most recently reported quarter.
Alaskan Bush People Could Soon Be Alaskan Jail People

Once again reality TV proves to be less real than we've been led to believe. The stars of Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People may not be the "born and raised wild" Alaskans the show portrays them to be, the Alaska Dispatch News reports. Six members of the Brown family are...
SNL Silences Your Family Crazies at Thanksgiving

Adele unveiled a new album on Friday , then dropped a powerhouse performance on Saturday Night Live, and just for kicks can apparently stop your resident crazy relatives in their Thanksgiving-ruining tracks, reports the Washington Post . The British singer was the musical guest on Saturday's show, but she made a tangential...
Higher Ed Groups Look for Perkins Loan Revival

Student loan program could be a rider on a bill to avert a government shutdown.
Homebuying Millennials Try to Find Real Estate Footing

While recent numbers show first-time home buying overall is down, Millennials are just starting to get into the market with a desire to buy -- but are they ready?
Treating Your Loved Ones Without Breaking the Bank -- At Christmas and Year-Round

There's a 25% increase in credit counseling after the holidays. Here are some big and small ways to treat your loved ones during the holidays.
Graze to own: Can neighbor squat using goats?

My neighbor thinks he can seize a vacant lot by putting goats on it. Can the tactic work?
Our listing agent isn't doing jack. What do we do?

Is there a way of replacing an ineffective real estate agent when time is of the essence?
Now Could Be The Time To Buy IPOs

There has been lots of hype around the IPO market lately. We'll take a look at whether now is the time to buy.
Do FHA loans have prepayment penalties?

Learn whether FHA loans have prepayment penalties, and find out the rules governing interest charges when prepaying your FHA loan.
Paul Walker's Dad Sues Porsche, Too

Paul Walker's father sued Porsche for negligence and wrongful death Wednesday over the 2013 accident that killed the Fast & Furious star. Walker's father, who is the executor of his son's estate, filed the lawsuit claiming that the Porsche Carrera GT that his son was riding in lacked safety features...
NVIDIA Corporation is Soaring High

With more than a 50% increase in share prices, NVIDIA Corporation is one of the hottest tech stocks.
Archaeologists on Hunt to Unearth Long-Buried Movie Set

Thou shalt restore the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes to their natural state once filming wraps up. Thats the commandment given to movie director Cecil B. DeMille, who filmed his epic The Ten Commandments in the sand dunes on the Central California coast in the early 1920s, KCBX reports. Apparently, though, he didnt...
Hoda Kotb: \"Suddenly Life's Not So Scary\"

It took a major health crisis to teach the Today show's Hoda Kotb how to ask for what she really wants.
Mortgages barely move on downbeat economic news

With the U.S. and Chinese economies in the doldrums, mortgage rates are static.
If I continue to work, will my Social Security check grow?

If you're still on the job, your benefits can still go up. Find out how it works.
Read this before switching credit cards

Avoid nasty surprises whenchanging credit cards. Here are 5 things to watch for.
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The eyes are watching... and they're everywhere. Fans of the highly-rated Fear for Sale series will love their latest assignment as journalist Emma Roberts. Statues are coming alive in the small town of Eastwood, and they're attacking! EleFun takes you on a creepy adventure in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game. Play a variety of hidden-object puzzles, including list and silhouette. You've never had so many collectibles before, with post cards, toys, and many other objects to find throughout the game.

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